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Contract and Interim Consulting

A strategic component of any company should be the ability to identify and hire exceptional short-term talent.  Subject matter expertise and industry knowledge are key attributes of successful short-term resources. AquantUs is committed to being your key partner for these planned or unexpected short-term staffing needs!  For instance,

– Are you launching a key project (ERP implementation, acquisition integration, new tax strategy, accounting reorganization, IT security assessment, etc.) that requires in-demand skill sets?

– Does your project timeline limit options to replace and retrain resources?

– Are you unable to use internal sources to identify and hire contractors or interim consultants?

– Are you facing an extended leave for a key employee?

– Are any of these issues causing you to miss deadlines, incur tax penalties, or staff turnover?

AquantUs provides a variety of solutions – please reach out to Jake Ingram at 404.920.2303 or

Temporary Staffing

Are you facing any Sales & Use tax deadlines, Month/Quarter/Year-end crunches, vacations, medical leaves, unexpected resignations? Whenever you need staff augmentation — save time, save money and operate more efficiently by getting the staff you need, when you need it.


Reduce the risk of a bad hire by trying out a potential employee while they remain on our payroll. Give yourself the time to fully evaluate their capabilities and extend a full time offer once you’re comfortable they are the right fit.

Short-Term Staffing Solutions

Are you launching a short-term accounting, audit, finance or tax project? Did you have an unexpected resignation? Is someone going on maternity leave?  All of these are situations where AquantUs can deliver value through the utilization of a temporary accounting, audit, finance or tax professional.

Fractional CFO/Controller/VP of Tax Services

AquantUs can provide a part-time or interim Executives (CFO, Controller, VP of Tax, etc.) at a fraction of the cost of a full-time Executive. This low-risk solution allows you to access Executives with expertise in a specific industry or skill. There are no long-term contracts and you are billed only for the hours worked.