Our candidates trust us to partner with them throughout their careers.

We take pride in getting to know not only our candidates’ requirements for a new role, but also their short and long-term career goals. We bring them only those opportunities that are aligned with those goals, and we view each relationship as a true partnership.

Here is what some of our candidates are saying…

I’ve interacted with many recruiters over the course of my career and Christian is one of the very best I’ve worked with. As I see it, the best recruiters excel at being able to balance the job seeker’s interests with the recruiter’s interests. As such, the main thing with recruiters is that l’m not always sure some have the job seeker’s best interests at hand with the way some push opportunities on a job seeker when the job seeker might have expressed a lack of interest in that opportunity. I never got that sense from Christian. He was very understanding whenever I expressed a lack of interest in any opportunity he presented to me and he worked to find me other opportunities that will fit better. He was also very professional, patient and helpful in preparing me for interviews and other interactions I had with the companies. I’ve enjoyed working with Christian and I’ll recommend him as a recruiter to anyone.

Nana Agyekum, Accounting Manager, Interface

Chesley and I worked together when I made the jump from public accounting into industry. The process was thorough and transparent, and I truly enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend anyone looking to make a job change in the accounting field to give her a call!

Matthew Rodewald, Staff Accountant, The Coca-Cola Company

Kohler and the AquantUS team have been amazing! They prepared me extremely well for interviews, were very kind to me and kept in constant contact. Having dealt with numerous recruiters in the past and not had great experiences, Kohler has restored my faith in recruiters and agencies. Kohler is friendly, approachable, helpful and understanding, he demonstrates professionalism and passion in his work.

Diana Varon, Assistant Accounting Manager, Norfolk Southern

Kelly did an excellent job connecting me to a new team and role at a new company. She assisted me in identifying and vetting priority and concerns and provided sound guidance along the way. A truly great partner in finding the next opportunity.

Dave Matthews, Senior IT Risk Management Analyst, Global Payments, Inc.

I highly recommend Christian as an executive recruiter. He is transparent and responsive during the recruiting process, and does an excellent job of making sure the candidate is prepared and informed for interviews. I have enjoyed working with Christian, and have appreciated his support.

Steven Hickson, CFO, EM & Assoc.

I worked with Chesley as I was evaluating the next step in my career progression. I ultimately accepted a senior leadership role that she was supporting. I found Chesley to be proactive, transparent and insightful. She prepared me well for each step of the process. I recommend her to others evaluating new career opportunities.

Jennifer Mitchell, Senior Director Finance, Global Payments, Inc.

Kelly was an absolute pleasure to work with, in my search for a new career opportunity. She will go above and beyond to make sure that you will end up in a position you love! She was by my side every step of the way- from the very start to the very end. She was not only professional, but very personable as well! She has such a lovely charm to her and you can tell how much she enjoys helping others meet their goals. She really listened to me – my worries, my fears, all of it, and she helped me reach my end goal. An absolute and complete delight to work with!

Anisha Shajan, Accountant, Trophikos

Christian impressed me with his abilities as a recruiter because of several reasons. First, unlike many of his counterparts, he listened to what I had to say about my career. He searched for the right opportunities for me, and presented them in a very organized fashion. He gave the best preparation that I have come to see from having worked with several recruiters in the past, and offered sober and objective advice that I really feel was in my best interest. He was also very discreet and professional, and I expect that we will work together in the future. If you need a reliable talent resource hiring partner, Christian is second to none!

Juan Fernandez, Advisory Senior, EY

Chesley demonstrated the highest level of professionalism during my job search and connected me with the right employer that suited my career ambitions as well as my personality. I highly recommend Chesley for your job search! You will not be disappointed!

Heather Cook, Senior Accountant,  Oxford Industries

Kelly was a pleasure to work with while I was looking for a new career opportunity. Kelly matched me with a new role according to my interests, then worked with me through the entire process. Kelly offered guidance and was very responsive during the career transition, without applying pressure to take the role. Look forward to working with her in the future if needed.

Allie Chastain, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Risk Management at Global Payments, Inc.

I wanted to take a moment and share with you my experience with AquantUs LLC. After noticing a job posting of great interest I contacted Tiffany Hoffine. Tiffany contacted me within a day or so and referred me to Christian Chavez since he was handling the account.

Both Tiffany and Christian were fully engaged in the process. The initial phone call clarified what the role would entail, whom I would report to and the recent history of the company. During my first on-site interview everything Christian mentioned was confirmed by the hiring manager and nothing discussed caused alarm. I mention this because many times I have been sitting in front of a hiring manager during an interview only to have them correct me due to an incorrect statement. Talk about an uncomfortable situation.

With Christian and Tiffany leading the way I was prepared from the start. Having performed well on the first visit I was invited to return for a second interview. This time I was also prepared and felt very comfortable exiting the building that I would have an offer.  The salary negotiations were pain free. My offer was what I desired and I did not even counter. We confirmed my start date and I began work at my new employer on September 24th.

I have encountered various degrees of professionalism in the recruiting industry throughout my career. Any finance professional looking to utilize a professional service recruiting firm should speak with Tiffany and Christian at AquantUs. I recommend them without reservation.

Patrick Barry, Accounting Manager at First American Resources

Todd was the best recruiter I have ever had. He was extremely knowledgeable about his client and helped me every step of the way during the interview process. He spent a significant amount of his time to get to know me and make sure the opening was a good fit for me. He helped me in each phase of the interview process. He spent at least 2 hours to prepare me for each behavioral question that might be asked during the interview. After the interview, he guided me through the key steps of acceptance, resignation and first-day expectations. He followed up with me frequently to understand my concerns and help me to plan my responses. Todd combined his recruiting skills with deep knowledge of the accounting and tax business. I would highly recommend Todd to anyone who is thinking about a new adventure in his/her career.

Julie Wei, Tax Manager at Georgia Pacific

It was such a pleasure working with Todd, who ultimately placed me in a fantastic position. He was very knowledgeable, professional, dedicated, and genuine. I appreciated his commitment to ensuring I was prepared for each step of the career move, as well as his follow up after my placement. I highly recommend working with Todd and AquantUs for your recruiting needs.

Leah Hunt, Financial Compliance Senior at Turner

I worked with Christian on my recent job search and found him to be among the most competent recruiters I connected with. He was very thoughtful in the opportunities he sent to me – I appreciated that he filtered out jobs that were not a match. He’s a good listener, project manager and a problem solver. In preparing for interviews, Christian is a proactive thinker and ensures his candidates are ready for the big day. I was never stressed about minor details (parking, location, access, etc.) with his roles, which is a testament to the detail oriented nature of his work ethic.

I was very picky in my job search and never felt pressured by Christian. My search lasted around 6 months and I spoke with most of the recruiters in Atlanta at one point or another. I have very high standards and am tough to impress – I would highly recommend Christian for anyone interesting in accounting/finance roles in Atlanta.

Jon Stoudt, Senior Manager at Triton Consulting

Christian was very attentive to my career needs. He was very helpful in every step of the process. I am grateful for his assistance with my new career opportunity! Thank you Christian, you were a pleasure to work with.

Andrea Randall, Senior Accountant at Oxford Industries, Inc.

Working with Christian was a very enjoyable experience. He pursued my best interests and was very transparent throughout the entire job search process. He was very knowledgeable about his clients and provided high quality leads in positions where my skills would be valued. I highly recommend working with Christian and AquantUs!”

Billy Elliott, IT Auditor at Porter Keadle Moore

Melissa was friendly, professional, and easy to work with. With her help, each step of my recruitment process went smoothly and I found a place that is a great fit for me. I would recommend her to anyone looking to begin their recruiting process.

Ben Kellam, IT Audit Senior at HD Supply

I had the pleasure of working with Melissa in March 2018. A lot of my success during the interviewing process was attributable to the in-person mock interviews I had with her. Melissa’s feedback was invaluable. Most importantly, she took the time to learn about what I was looking for in my next career step before presenting me with different opportunities.

Jerome Singleton, Senior Accountant at CKS Packaging

Christian was a great help in a placement done in record time. In less than 30 hours, we went from Christian’s initial call to me about an opportunity to an accepted job offer. Christian was very knowledgeable of his client and provided a great deal of useful information and advice to me throughout the process. Job well done Christian!!

Stephen Masse, Controller at Freeman, Mathis & Gary

Melissa, I truly appreciate your assistance with finding a Senior Accountant position. Your interviewing tips were very effective and your professionalism made each step of the process easier. I enjoyed working with you and I will recommend your services to anyone who’s seeking a new opportunity.

Duwaine Lawrence, Senior Accountant at tvsdesign

I applied for audit roles posted by AquantUs and got a call from Christian within a day. He was very professional, intelligent, transparent about the open roles, and understanding of my next role requirements. He made my job search process extremely easy and efficient with honest updates/communication. It was certainly a ‘No Surprise’ process. Christian has been the best recruiter I have ever interacted and worked with so far in my 7+ years of auditing career. Given the great experience I had with Christian, I will definitely use him in the future. I highly recommend him to candidates looking for an easy, simple, and fast job search process.

Monika Patel, Audit Senior at Flowers Foods, Inc.

It’s hard to come across a standout recruiter like Melissa Nadler. She is very professional, honest and caring. She stayed in close contact with me throughout the entire recruiting process and was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. I highly recommend Melissa.

Terra Jackson, Regulatory Compliance Senior at Fiserv, Inc.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Christian. He matched my professional experience and career objectives with the perfect company and role. He was stellar from start to finish by guiding me through the entire process, keeping me informed, giving me tips to standout, and speaking up on my behalf for those crucial conversations and still maintain a great relationships with all sides. Needless to say, I was offered the role and was very happy with the outcome. Christian is an excellent communicator, mediator, and super intuitive. If you are in market for new opportunities, I recommend speaking to Christian. You will not be disappointed.

Maxelia Vargas, Revenue Recognition Analyst at NCR

Christian helped me find a new job with relocation to Atlanta. His hard work and dedication made the process very easy and stress free. I highly recommend working with Christian because he knows how to get the job done.

De’Mario Black, Senior Auditor at Pulte Group

Todd was amazing during the recruiting process for the position I eventually accepted. He was very knowledgeable about the company, personal I would be working with, and the position itself. He took the time to make sure I really understood the job and what it entails. He spent over an hour with me before my interview to get me prepared on the types of questions that would be asked and the different personalities that would be interviewing me. I felt very prepared and confident for my interview thanks to Todd. Todd really cares about his clients and most importantly the candidates he recommends to his clients. I love my new job and company and plan to stay here for the long haul but I would definitely work with Todd again if I had the chance.

Lowell Singh, Senior Tax Analyst at Georgia Pacific

Christian was a fantastic person to work with. He made my transition to a new company very smooth and looked out for my best interests. I would highly recommend!

David Sykes-Borg, Senior Associate at The Siegfried Group

I was very fortunate to work with Todd when I was ready to search for a new position. He exceeded any expectations I had throughout the process, including the interview prep, job acceptance, resignation, and pre-employment phases. It was evident that Todd had built a relationship with his clients and wanted to help them find the best talent possible, as well as help his candidates find the position best suited for them. I would definitely recommend Todd to any individuals I know who are looking to make a move in their careers.

Stephanie Weldon, Accounting Research at Southern Power

Melissa has gone above and beyond to secure me a great position in a great company. She made sure I was well prepared for every interview and maintained a steady line of communication between her, myself, and my current company. It was truly a pleasure working with her.

Isimemen Inegbedion, Billing Associate at Trimont Real Estate Advisors

I would highly recommend Melissa because she is thorough, considerate, and knows herself well. She went above what other recruiters do and made sure the position was right, that I was prepared and checked on me for all the unusual activities that should have made her job more difficult, but she was happy to help. She provided advice and when she felt someone else would be better to assist, she listened to my concerns and immediately got her supervisor on the line to help. When my first-day materials were missing, she went to the company and made sure I was sent what I needed. When my first day of work was cancelled she called to make sure I knew and wasn’t waiting at the office alone. She has definitely gone above and beyond and would be a great asset to any recruiting firm.

Laura Nicole Regan, Internal Auditor at Global Payments, Inc.

I recently worked with Christian to obtain my current position and it was a great experience throughout the entire process. He was very professional and took the time to meet with me in person before the interview so that I was fully prepared and had the best chance for success. In addition, Christian was always very responsive in terms of answering any questions and following up with me after the process was complete. I would recommend Christian to anyone who is in the job search process.

Ryan Kaetzel, Internal Audit Senior at Primerica, Inc.

Christian was amazing throughout my time working with him! He helped make sure that I was prepared for everything throughout the interviewing process all the way up until I received my offer. I highly recommend for anyone seeking a career change or starting their career to work with Christian!

Patrick Enzor, Staff Accountant at Hoshizaki America, Inc.

Christian and the other members of the AquantUs team were the right choice for me when I decided it was time to find my next position. He was very attentive during our opening phone conversation in regards to what I was looking for and matching open positions with my needs. Prior to the interviews, Christian made sure to touch base to ensure that I was prepared for any questions that might get asked. This was accomplished through a combination of the pre-interview packets that were provided as well as the mock interview questions that he asked to help with tailoring my answers to best represent my experience. Overall, my experience working with him was definitely a positive one, and in the future, I will be recommending Christian and AquantUs to anyone looking for a new accounting position in the Atlanta area.

Ryan Duffy, Senior Accountant at Primerica, Inc.

I have known and worked with Tiffany for 7+ years. She is highly professional and went to great lengths to ensure I was adequately prepared for the interview process. Her responsiveness, follow-through, and strong communication skills made her a trusted advisor throughout my recent hiring process. If you are a candidate beginning or in the midst of a search, I would highly recommend working with Tiffany.

Jake Korth, CFO at Engineering Systems, Inc.

Extremely professional are the first words that comes to mind when working with Christian. It was a pleasure having Christian assist me during my job search. From our initial interaction I could tell that Christian was very knowledgeable about IT Audit Roles in the Atlanta Metro area. Every opportunity he discussed with me was carefully chosen and was a fit for me and aligned with both my personal and professional goals.

I was particularly impressed by Christian’s genuine desire for me to succeed. He not only helped me set up interviews for potential job opportunities, he also provided me with interview prep materials and offered to schedule calls to help me improve my interview skills. He was there step by step during my entire job search and was always very responsive and informative.

Because of Christian’s support I was able to land a great job in Atlanta metro, I will definitely be recommending his services going forward.

Henry Duncan, IT Compliance Senior at Crawford & Company

Christian with AquantUs worked with me to find a new job in Alpharetta, GA after I had recently moved here. Christian is very professional and worked hard to get me the job I wanted. I can’t thank him and AquantUs enough for the hard work they put in and the surprisingly quick turnaround. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a job to ask if Christian can help you out. He’s great!

Sam Friedland, Senior Auditor at Kaplan

Christian was a great resource in finding what I was looking for in a job. He was there for me every step of the way through the entire process, and I really appreciated his help

Taylor Brooks, Senior Associate at The Siegfried Group

Christian is an excellent recruiter who works really hard for his clients/prospects. He does an excellent job in preparing the individuals for interviews and works with them closely to ensure individuals have great interviews. I would definitely recommend Christian to anyone who is currently seeking employment.

Muhammad Qureshi, Senior Staff, Business Risk Consultant at Crowe Horwath LLP.

It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Austin McKenna. I worked with Austin to secure my most recent professional opportunity. I found Austin to be knowledgeable, personable, and engaging. Austin ensured that I was prepared for every step of the interview/candidate selection/job onboarding process. He was always responsive to any questions that I had, and he demonstrated that he had a genuine interest in an optimal outcome for me, as well as his client. I highly recommend Austin to any finance and accounting professionals that are looking to take the next step in their careers. I found his guidance to be invaluable.

Hildred Jones, Senior Financial Analyst at The Iconic Group, Inc.

Todd was extremely helpful in preparing me every step of the way during the interview process not only making me feel comfortable responding to questions during interviews but also preparing me to ask the right questions to make sure I found the right cultural fit and career opportunity. I would highly recommend Todd to help identify and secure the next step in your career!

Amanda Kallin, IT Audit Manager, Global Internal Audit at InterContinental Hotels Group

Christian did an excellent job helping me with my job search and landing a full time position with a great company. He was always available and always willing to help when needed. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Tiera Banks, Staff Accountant, Corporate Accounting at Global Payments

I was fortunate to have Christian and the AquantUs Team assist in my job search. This is a top-notch group of professionals who, while they had their client’s best interests at heart, were there to assist me from start to finish.

They provided company background information, rather than telling you who the company was and leaving you to do the research. They provided a “guideline”, if you will, to prepare you for specific questions which might be asked, as well as a selection of appropriate questions for the potential employer to answer. Additionally, they performed mock interviews with constructive feedback so that I was 100% confident going in to the interview.

I cannot say I have used more than a handful of recruiters, but Christian and the AquantUs Team set the bar for others to reach. Thank you!

Matt Dougher, Advisory Services Experienced Staff at EY

Working with Todd Hoffine at AquantUs was a pleasure. He guided me through the entire process from assessing if this was the right move for me, interview prep, acceptance prep, resignation, and first-day expectations. He checked in often, provided great insight with regards to interview questions I was asked, and his feedback was always relevant and reliable. I definitely recommend seeking Todd’s assistance as you consider your next career opportunity.

Bettina McKinnon, Internal Controls Supervisor at Southern Power

Austin is a great recruiter! Helped me land my first career job with a great company! He provide excellent communication and tips to succeed in landing my first job during my entire recruiting process. Thanks Austin you were great!

Sarah Ling, Staff Accountant at Global Payments, Inc.

Christian has a distinct expertise at placing professionals in the accounting/finance industry. His knowledge of the Atlanta job market is excellent, and he served as a primary source for my career movement. Christian differentiates himself through thorough research of the individual companies and jobs, comprehensive personal discussions with candidates to ensure fit, and a robust interview preparation session for each job interview. I appreciated his constant readiness and open communication style that helped me navigate through my job placement. I would recommend Christian without reservation to anyone in search for a new job and looking for ways to progress their careers.

Kevin Shin, Auditor, EY Assurance Services

Christian is a highly effective recruiter who works diligently to help candidates find the right job fit. I was impressed with the professional commitment and personability shown by Christian during my experiences with AquantUs, LLC. Christian also has a solid network of clients and connections in the Atlanta area. I have no hesitation recommending Christian to future candidates.

Theron Bassett, GSU Student

Tyler gets results! He and Todd’s coaching and advice to candidates prior to the interview was invaluable in getting me into my present position. I would recommend Tyler for any professional seeking an opportunity in the accounting industry.

Andrea Holmes, Staff Auditor at Teradata

Tiffany went above and beyond to help me make a great impression and land the perfect new position for me with an amazing firm. Tiffany’s process includes an in person interview prep which helped me succinctly communicate my success stories and put my best foot forward. I highly recommend Tiffany, she is the best!

Jack Baltar, Senior Consultant at FTI Consulting

My experience working with Todd was exceptional. From initial contact until he successfully placed me into my ideal role, he consistently supported me through the hiring process. He went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided professional services. Highly recommended!

Amie Phahulrat, Senior Financial Analyst at Georgia Pacific

Tiffany’s exceptional professionalism, talent and intuition are on point. I highly recommend Tiffany when pursuing your career goals to achieve a brilliant and solid team environment.

Brianna Yoro, Investor Reporting Manager at Gables Residential

I recently worked with Todd on a job search and I was extremely impressed with his professionalism. Additionally, he ensured that I got all the information needed to make an informed decision. It was a big decision, so the process went slower than typical, but he remained patient and never tried to rush me. I would highly recommend Todd and AquantUs to anyone looking for a new opportunity.

Greg Abbott, Tax Senior Director at Alvarez & Marsal

Todd is a pleasure to work with. It is refreshing to work with a recruiter who has built a career in the industry and understands the ins and outs. Todd was also constantly available throughout the process and was proactive in reaching out whether there was a key due date or not. I highly recommend Todd and AquantUs especially if you are looking for placement in the Metro Atlanta market.

Yanek Michel, Operational Audit Senior at WestRock Company

Collin and the entire AquantUs team are amazing. AquantUs gives its candidates full attention and prepares them for any and all aspects of the hiring process. I was extremely comfortable working with AquantUs and would definitely recommend their services to all that need them.

— Jarrius Williams, Financial Analyst at Invista

I had the opportunity to work with Andy during my job search process and would highly recommend Andy to others.

Andy identified my areas of interest and provided interview preparation materials throughout my search. Moreover, Andy took into account my desired attributes for potential employers and utilized these specifications to tailor meetings with prospects. I would recommend Andy and AquantUs to anyone seeking potential new employment opportunities.

— Kellen Wilkening, Senior Consultant at FTI Consulting

Tiffany is a very compassionate and charismatic individual who makes every effort to provide her candidates with the best opportunities. She was extremely helpful in placing me with a fantastic firm, and she did an amazing job of coaching me through the entire process and transition period. I highly recommend Tiffany to both job-seeking candidates looking for rewarding opportunities and companies who are seeking highly-talented individuals.

— Garett Smith, Senior Audit Analyst at Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Todd is hands down the best recruiter I have worked with. From initial contact, through the interview and offer process, and after acceptance, Todd expertly advised me. Moreover, he took a real interest in making sure that the job would be good both for me professionally and for my family personally, since a relocation was required. He was always available to discuss any questions I had and his answers were always truthful, with my full interest in mind.

— Michiel Muizelaar, Senior Tax Counsel at Georgia-Pacific LLC

AquantUs and especially Tiffany were instrumental in getting me my new position. Tiffany found a position that married my skills and desires with a company that was looking for the same thing. She would never push you in a direction that she did not think you wanted or that was bad for your career. She was a true trusted advisor and confidant throughout the entire interview and hiring process. This has been the best experience I have ever had with a job recruiter and I would recommend her and AquantUs to anyone.

— Hunter Hamilton, Internal Audit Manager at Floor & Decor

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tiffany for several years now as she assisted me a great deal in my prior job search. It’s evident that Tiffany possesses a strong work ethic and truly cares about both her clients and the candidates. She made a distinct effort to get to know me beyond my resume and found an opportunity that fit perfectly with my background and future goals. From that point, she was in constant communication throughout the job search process and took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for in my next position. I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone in the Accounting and Finance field looking to further his/her career or find the right opportunity.

— Farz Kadkhodaian, Accounting Manager at Mohawk Industries

Todd assisted me in obtaining my current position in Atlanta, GA. He played the perfect interface between my hiring manager and me. Right from the interview stage until my offer acceptance, Todd maintained a continuous line of communication with me, thus ensuring a smooth process. He keenly listened to any concerns/questions I had about the company or about the city in general, and was always proactive in providing me with responses to address them.

Overall, I had a very positive experience with Todd and highly recommend him to all the candidates out there looking for a recruiter who is genuinely interested in finding them their next big job.

— Sharad Gupta, Internal Audit Senior Manager at Veritiv

Todd is detail oriented and tremendously skilled at helping the right people become connected with the right companies. He was instrumental in my rapid transition from a professional looking for a change to a professional connected with the perfect organization. I definitely enjoyed with working with him and the people at AquantUs!

Isaiah Gresham, Staff Auditor at Teradata

I had the pleasure of working with Todd, Tiffany, and Kristen, and all three were awesome. They were knowledgeable about the clients, great at prepping me for the interviews, and thorough in the post-interview process. I have and will continue to recommend AquantUs to fellow teammates seeking a change.

Jillian Scott, IT Audit Senior at AGL Resources

Tiffany Hoffine was easy to work with, professional, and responsive. She listened to my background and interests, and she only presented me with opportunities that fit the bill. She stayed involved and invested throughout the entire process, from search to interviews to negotiations. I would highly recommend Tiffany and AquantUs.

Amanda Brameister, Senior Analyst, Assurance and Advisory Management Program at The Home Depot

I highly recommend Tiffany as one of the top recruiters in the field of Accounting. Although I was in a current role, Tiffany always kept me abreast of the market and available positions that aligned to my skill set and desires. She has always been an advocate for promoting me to positions that would excel my career and skill set. In addition, the amount of time that she invests to ensure that you are prepared for your interview is phenomenal. I look forward to referring her to all of my colleagues in my field.

— Catrina Antoine, Director, Enterpirse Risk Management at Global Payments

Todd assisted me in obtaining my current position with Georgia-Pacific LLC. Todd is the consummate professional and very attentive to the candidate’s needs. He was always available to answer questions and consistently kept me aware of the status of the process. I highly recommend Todd to any professional interested in finding a great opportunity with a world-class organization.

— Randy Oliver, IT Audit Senior Manager at Georgia-Pacific

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tiffany Hoffine to make a transition to my current employer. She is detail-oriented and skilled at helping her clients prepare for a career-changing role. In addition to being an excellent coach for interview preparation, Tiffany takes the time to understand both professional and personal fulfillment needs that accompany career change and it is my pleasure to recommend her to anyone considering a career transition.

Keith Piper, Manager, Finance at The Home Depot

Tiffany and her recruiting team at AquantUs are very competent, professional and committed to following through with your recruitment process from start to finish. They are equipped to assist you in obtaining the best position that suits your skill set and interests.  AquantUs was the direct success factor in helping me to obtain a great career opportunity as a Cost Accountant with a two billion dollar plus company. AquantUs team was very personable, supportive, and helpful. I am confident that they will provide their clients with superior quality services. I highly recommend AquantUs if you are seeking to obtain employment with the best clients. My process was very smooth and rewarding. AquantUs exceeded my expectations, and I am grateful for all that I gained through the recruiting process with AquantUs!

Quatillia Byrd, Cost Accountant at Acuity Brands

Kendra was truly a pleasure to work with! She was genuinely interested in assisting me with finding a role that truly met my needs. Additionally, she was extremely transparent with me from start to finish and provided great interview prep guidance. The result: with Kendra’s help I found an amazing job with a great team & company!

Andrea Henderson, Senior Auditor, Community & Southern Bank

AquantUs provided me with excellent service. Catie Scott and Tiffany Hoffine are competent, professional and very easy to work with. You want them on your team.

— Brian Wagner, Senior Consultant at FTI Consulting

I had the pleasure of partnering with Tiffany Hoffine at AquantUs when I was ready for a career transition. AquantUs has an excellent model that truly matches individuals, their skills, experience, and career goals with their vast network of firms/jobs to find the best fit for both parties. I truly appreciate the time and effort Tiffany spent in communicating with me, learning what I wanted in my career, and then finding specific opportunities for me. I highly recommend Tiffany and AquantUs.

Tamara Aranbayeva, Advisory & Assurance Specialist at Cox Enterprises

Kendra has by far been the best recruiter I have worked with when it comes to delivering results. She was an invaluable asset to me during my transition from public accounting to industry. She is a professional and personable recruiter who cares about her candidates finding the right position. She is timely in her responses and makes you feel like you are the most important candidate that she is working with. She was knowledgeable on the position/company and walked me through some scenarios I may face to help me better prepare for the interview. I would strongly recommend her to any accounting professionals looking to make a move or employers seeking solid talent.

— Clint Barnett, Senior Auditor at Primerica, Inc.

It was an absolute pleasure partnering with Catie Scott and Tiffany Hoffine at AquantUs during my career shift. The AquantUs team did an excellent job of matching my background and skill-set with a great new opportunity. There were “no surprises” throughout the process because of the open communication and comprehensive interview preparation provided. I would not hesitate to recommend AquantUs to anyone seeking new accounting/audit employment opportunities in the Atlanta area.

— Ann Frazier, Assurance and Advisory Senior Consultant at Cox Enterprises Inc.

I highly recommend Kendra Grant as a recruiter. I was fortunate to work with Kendra . Kendra made a long, arduous hiring process pleasant. She is excellent at reading your skills and personality attributes and finding the perfect fit. She takes the role of a trusted adviser she listens, understands, and delivers a solution. It would be a privilege to work with Kendra again.

— Tilahun Ashagre, Finanical Reporting Senior at YP

Jeannine was a tremendous asset to me in my search for a better opportunity. She was knowledgeable on the position and walked me through some what-if scenarios I could possibly face to help me better prepare for the interview/job. She was also honest with her feedback, which is very rare to find sometimes. I would definitely recommend her to another colleague.

— Michael Zambino, CPA, Project Leader – Financial Reporting at Delta Air Lines

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Catie & Tiffany on multiple occasions. They are very thorough and diligent professionals. Their friendly nature, positive attitude and accommodating approach make them a delight to work with. I’d highly recommend them and welcome the opportunity to work with AquantUs in the future.

— Shirali Parikh, Financial Analyst Consultant at oneCARE

Kendra was very helpful in guiding me through my job search when I moved to Atlanta from Arkansas. She and Tiffany helped me through interview questions allowing me to be better prepared and improving my chances of landing a great job quickly. They even followed up to see how things were going once I started at my new job. Overall I would say my job search with Kendra was a great experience. Thanks!

— Katie Glasgow, Benefits Accountant at YP

Kendra is an excellent recruiter who worked with me to help me do my best in interviews. Her training really helped me out and I would definitely recommend her services and AquantUs’ services to everyone I know!

— Teja Devana, Internal Auditor at Arby’s Restaurant Group

I enjoyed working with Kendra Westphal during my job search.  She provided valuable information regarding the job search process and took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for in my next position.  Kendra provided me with opportunities that not only matched my background and skill set but also that were in-line with my long-term career goals.  I would highly recommend Kendra to anyone looking for a new job.

Christy Pottle, Senior Accountant at Arbor Pharmaceuticals

Tiffany Hoffine has been a pleasure to work with since we originally met in 2008.  Tiffany has the highest integrity – which can be rare in these tough economic times.  Tiffany listened to me as a candidate, understood my vision, long range goals, and found a great fit for me – not once, but twice(once in 2008, and again in 2012).  Tiffany also mentored me along the way, and her prep work is second to none.  Tiffany knows her clients and her candidates.  Highly recommended!

Emilie McLaughlin, Project Leader (Supervisor) at Delta Air Lines