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Below are some resources you may find helpful as you continue to grow your career, whether or not you are engaged in an active search.

This is a great article from that lists a number of very good “questions to ask in an interview” as well as “questions you shouldn’t ask”. ¬†In addition, the article has several additional interview related links to articles regarding “how to dress” and “how to stay calm”.

In the following link, U.S. News & Report discusses four essential steps you should always consider when preparing for an interview.

The Harvard Business Review article below has several great thoughts on why you still need a resume in the LinkedIn era.

The following link to a recent article from The Economist has some very good suggestions on how you build a resume (CV) that employers will read.  Although, they suggest two to three pages, we recommend one to two pages and that you always include significant accomplishments.

This is an interesting article from regarding the Top 10 trends in business for 2013.